My First Mac

        You know, I never thought this would happen to me, but it has. I bought a Mac and I have finally migrated from Windows to Mac OS. I know everyone has heard this already from people who have switched over, but I got to say it: it feels so good making the switch.

       Of course I still got complaints about Mac OS X and how it claims to be superior in all areas but let’s be realistic. Windows has its good points and Mac has its own good points too…But Mac has more positives 🙂

        Yeah, so I waited in line on Friday, October 26th when Mac OS X Leopard came out. I bought a 20-inch iMac with 2.0 GHz, 320 GB, 1 GB RAM, etc. It was $1500 + $150 tax…It is expensive! Personally, I don’t think they have incorporated enough features into Leopard but those little improvements Apple has made makes all the difference to me.

One thing I HAD to add – because I bought my iMac right when Leopard came out, Apple didn’t even include a Leopard Install Disc… It was installed with Tiger and then I had to install Leopard with a CPU Drop-in Disc or whatever. Lame.

Oh yeah, and then I went and lost my CD, screeeeeewed – I know.



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