Adding a Picture Background to Finder

        The old finder background is awfully boring so make it more lively by adding pictures to the background! It is really easy to do and you can either just set the current folder background to a certain picture or set all folders’ backgrounds to the same picture.

        And here’s a preview:


       So open up a folder and right-click, then “Show View Options”. For you speed daemons, press “Command+J”.

Show View Options

        Now, just click on the button highlighted in the screenshot below:

Picture Option


4 Responses to “Adding a Picture Background to Finder”

  1. Maria Says:

    Wow. This is really nice! I’ve tried it and it looks awesome!=]

    Thanks for the tip!

  2. metalman777 Says:

    can you do this in Leopard? I don’t have that bottom part in my view options! I only have the text size and arrange by options.

  3. koldfyre Says:

    @metalman777 These screenies are from my iMac with Leopard. Perhaps you are trying to do this on the Desktop? From my experiences, I believe there is only a difference from the Desktop view options and any other folders’ view options. So just make sure you are not trying to do this on the Desktop.

  4. Ditya Rizky Yudistira Says:

    i experienced same thing like metalman777, how do i fix this?

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