Finder Tricks

        Where are all the keyboard shortcuts in Finder? On a Windows, I used to be able to hit backspace to go up a folder, enter to open a file or folder, and even the handy context menu button that served as a keyboard shortcut for the right button click.
        As soon as I got the new aluminum iMac, my first annoyance was the lack of (or so I thought) of a keyboard shortcut for opening a file or folder…Well I’ve finally found out, after about 8 months…

Get out of a folder (aka. go up the folder hierarchy): Command + ↑
Open a file/folder: Command + ↓
Delete file/folder: Command + Delete (I tend to use the command key on the right side but either works)
Go back/forward: Command + (“[” for left and “]” for right)
Go to folder: Command + Shift + G


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