Manga Images Fetcher

           Alright, so I am thinking about getting an iPhone 3G (actually, I know I am getting one) and so I began to think of all the uses of the iPhone 3G and since I read (?) manga occasionally, I figured I should use my iPhone to look at manga. I am not sure how uncomfortable it will be but I wanted to make an image fetcher program to get manga images from

           I wrote this in Python and the code really sucks and is inefficient (I have heard) but it is a pretty big deal for me because it is the first app (of this level) that I have made.

           If anyone knows how to do this more efficiently, could you let me know? Thanks. Because I do not want to be rude to OneManga’s servers -_-“

One Important Thing:
When it asks you for the Manga Title, if the manga you want is Full Metal Alchemist, type in Full_Metal_Alchemist (with the underscores). You might want to check exactly because other symbols correspond to different characters (and not just an underscore).

         And (OK, that makes 2 important things) when entering in the directory, include the ending forward slash ( “/” ).
For example, @ work mine directory would be “/net/solserv/home/elee/” (without the quotes).

Manga Image Fetcher


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