Cool New Mac OS X Leopard Screensaver

         As I have said before, Mac OS X Leopard has many small features that have been added to make the Mac more comfortable. I personally don’t think that there were enough new features, but that is probably because I expected so much from Apple. I have this tendency to get all hyped up after watching Apple’s keynote and make myself believe that there so many other cool features that they just did not announce. Of course, the majority of the good features is all presented so I tend to be disappointed :\

         Anyway, new Leopard-only feature (and fairly graphic-intensive): Mosaic screensaver. Unfortunately, I could not come up with a cool enough demo so satisfy yourselves with this awesome demo from the YouTube.

         So how do you do this? There is a very small setup you have to do and that is just adding the photos to your iPhoto Library (required as far as I know).

         Open iPhoto and then just drag your pictures into the iPhoto window or the iPhoto Dock icon. As shown below.


         System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver > Photos

The third icon is the mosaic screensaver option.



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