iPhone Finally Available Everywhere

          I checked the iPhone availability tool and they finally are expecting or have stock for every store in California. I’m using this as an indication that supply is finally catching up with demand (somewhat – I also called and they said iPhones sellout midday…). I still cannot get an iPhone very soon because I have a Summer Calc A test and final coming up :\

Still suuuuper excited about getting it!



2 Responses to “iPhone Finally Available Everywhere”

  1. nupe62 Says:

    Your really into the iPhone or I mean Apple. I think apple is superior when it comes to music and writing. Can you develop iPhone applications? If so I have some idea. I didn’t think apple was letting developers have access to the iPhone code.

  2. koldfyre Says:

    I can’t personally develop iPhone applications – but the SDK is up for grabs as long as you register as a developer.
    And I’m going off on a tangent but previously, developers could not talk about the SDK amongst themselves but now it’s up for discussion so the quality of apps will hopefully improve.

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