Customizing the Finder

I already blogged about how to change your background but today I am going to show you how to customize your Finder (the number of customizable options is limited) and use several important functions in Finder.

Path Options

1.) Option to turn on a path bar at the bottom of the Finder.

While you have the Finder selected (so that the menu is Finder), go to View > Show Path Bar.

2.) Accessing the path without any changes.

To view the path of a folder or file, right-click on the title. This works not only in Finder but also in most other applications (even Safari, but not Firefox).

3.) Add a path button to your Finder toolbar (near the top).

Right-click anyway on the toolbar, then select Customize Toolbar… Then, drag over the Path button.

What the path button looks like (in use):

Lose Some Weight

Finder too complex for you? Just slim it down with the gray button on the top right of any Finder window. This will activate/deactivate slim mode where the left sidebar along with the tool bar is hidden.




By the way, when you are in slim mode, any folder you open opens up in a new Finder window. To do this in the basic mode, hold down while double-clicking on a folder to have it open in a new window.



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