Must-know Spotlight Hotkey

Mac = spotlight
Windows = search function in start menu

Anyway, spotlight is really useful! Especially if you don’t have Quicksilver installed. If you want to search for a file, spotlight is actually better than Quicksilver because Quicksilver (by default) doesn’t index everything. Spotlight does and can find pretty much anything.

However, if you are searching in spotlight, you absolutely need to know how to view an item in Finder. That wasn’t very clear, was it. OK, so you are searching for Firefox because you want to put that on your dock. You search for it in Spotlight and find it. Now what? You want to view it in a Finder window so that you can drag it onto the dock but you can’t right-click or anything in the Spotlight search. You can go to “Show All”…Annoying!

How to fix that problem (listed above) with a simple shortcut.

Click or press Enter with Command held down.


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