Useful Mac App for Web Designers




Sorry I’ve been so MIA recently. But I’m back and I’ll try to make an effort of posting more frequently – for anybody who actually follows this blog 🙂

And here’s that site I was talking about –

It’s pretty popular but just in case somebody hadn’t heard about it, check it out.

Lock Screen

Ctrl + Shift + Eject

Will place the display to sleep (doesn’t pause music or anything) and to actually force the computer to ask for a password:

System Preferences > Security
Check the box for “Require password -immediately- after sleep or screen saver begins”

Another alternative (article is lengthy):

Volume Up/Down Alert Sound

As many of you know, the beeping sound while raising or lowering the volume can be turned off/on. (System Preferences > Sound > Play feedback when volume is changed)

As I posted earlier, holding down ALT and SHIFT will change the volume in very small intervals.

What I just discovered is that by only holding the SHIFT, you can make the volume beeping sound turn on or go away.


I have not tried this out yet but it looks very useful for people who have a multi-touch trackpad laptop (Mac, of course).

Wake up your MacBook with Lid Closed

I recently bought the new unibody MacBook Pro 15″ – an absolute beauty – and so I am finally posting up tips that are relevant to MacBooks and not Macs such as the iMac. 😀
MBP -> me // iMac -> brother

– Close your MacBook.
– Aim Apple Remote at MacBook.
– Press any button.
– MacBook should wake up.

Very useful if you have an extra monitor that your MacBook is hooked up to. But as you probably just realized – you no longer have a keyboard and mouse -_-“

Desktop Shortcut


Command + Expose = Show Desktop

For me command + F3 does the same thing that a “Show Desktop” shortcut would do.